Our services

At Millipede Distribution, the customer is the heart of our business. Therefore we provide many services, ensuring all of your individual business needs can be met.

GPS Tracking

We have a live tracking app and can provide you with a daily link to view live second-by-second monitoring of our distributors. If you need hard copies, we can provide that too as our distributors have built-in trackers on their bags.

Route Planning

We operate projects all over our nation, our distributors are always ready to help! If you need assistance in deciding on the optimum delivery radius, we can help you plan your routes too.

Print & Graphic Design

We are partners with EMJ Printing and cam now help you produce your print materials too. If you use both our services, we can offer an exclusive discounted rate.

Business Mentoring

In the last decade, new businesses are popping up everyday and we want to help you join in. We can help you launch your own distribution service, and other start-ups too!

Call Answering

Answering the phone can be time consuming and get in the way of your daily responsibilities. We can answer calls in your business name and email you the transcript, therefore freeing up your schedule.

Print to Phone Conversion

We provide business phone numbers that allow you to monitor the efficiency of your leaflet distribution conversion rates.

Want to say hey or find out more?

We have friendly and informative advisors who are more than willing to help.

Latest News

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Flyers and Leaflets are printed, now what?

All the design has been done, the flyers are printed, now it's time to put them to work. The first question is where to put them? The answer